The Dance Place”

Providing a variety of quality and meaningful dance education to boys, girls and teens in the Oak Forest Community since 2003.

Recital Classes: Recital classes begin in the Fall, and they end with a recital (date to be determined). Please note, dancers will need to purchase a costume for recital classes.

Non-Recital Classes: Our non-recital classes are perfect for children who would like to learn the art of dance but do not want to participate in the yearly recital. Classes run in 9 to 10 week increments.

Attire for Classes:

  • Girls and boys may wear appropriate dance apparel and shoes for the class style.
  • Long hair needs to be pulled away from the face.
  • No jewelry.

Beginner Dance Ages 3 years
A fun, energetic and interactive class! This class will practice basic musical concepts to develop motor skills, coordination, and body awareness through song & dance. A great introduction to dance!
Little Bitty Dancers (Ballet 1) Ages 4-5 years
Children will discover the joy of dance! This class will practice beginner Ballet concepts, coordination, and body awareness.
Ballet 2 Ages 6-8 years
This class was specifically designed to progressively challenge beginner students. In addition to beginner steps, concepts, and terminology in Ballet, this class will also practice further study of poise, strength, transitions, and musicality.
Ballet 3 Ages 9+ years
This class will focus on Ballet technique and terminology, poise, flexibility, and strength. Ballet barre exercises condition and prepare dancers for challenging center combinations.
Ballet and Tap Combo 1 Ages 5-7 years
This class is an age appropriate introduction to Ballet & Tap technique. Students will learn beginner steps, concepts, and terminology.
Ballet and Tap Combo 2 Ages 8+ years
Progressively challenging our beginner students, this class will focus on correct execution of steps, poise, transitions, and musicality in Ballet & Tap technique.
Kids Bop Ages 5-7 years 
This class is designed for our young “Hip Hoppers.” Basic dance concepts such as rhythm, isolations, and transitions will be taught.
Hip Hop Ages 8+ years
Beginner students will learn techniques and concepts of Hip Hop while building strength and endurance.
Pixie Poms Ages 4-6 years 
Specially designed for our “mini-squads”, this class will learn basic Pom technique, transitions, and musicality.
Poms 7+ years   
Designed for Pom/Cheer squad enthusiasts, class focus will be on correct execution of Pom & Dance technique. This class will then learn formations and stage presence.

For more information on any of our Dance classes, contact Jen at (708) 687-7270 x119 or via email by filling out below.