Code of Conduct

Youth Sports are designed and organized to enhance the emotional, physical, social, and educational well being of children.  As role models, parents must make a serious effort to take an active role in the youth sports experience of their child providing positive support as a spectator, coach, league official, or board member.  Demonstrating sportsmanlike behavior as a parent, a fan, or a coach will teach our children how to demonstrate good sportsmanship toward others in their play.

The Oak Forest Park District has a Code of Conduct for Players, Parents/Spectators, and Coaches, outlining positive behavior and encouraging good sportsmanship.  When you register this season, you will receive a copy of these codes and will be asked to sign off on them committing to give positive experiences and promote good sportsmanship.

In addition, the background of volunteers has become a national concern.  To address this concern, the Oak Forest Park District has researched and created a volunteer coach background check procedure.  The Board of Commissioners of the Oak Forest Park District has a policy for all youth sport organizations desiring the use of Oak Forest Park District athletic fields and facilities.  This policy requires that all coaches consent to a background check.

To see a copy of the current code of conduct, please click the corresponding link:

Parent Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct