General Information

Built in 1974, the Central Park Building is the home of the Oak Forest Park District.  The building hosts many programs and events every year for Oak Forest residents and non-residents.  The facilities in the building include three multi-purpose rooms, one meeting room, four pre-school rooms, a gymnasium and a health and fitness center.

Program Guides are made twice a year. The Spring/Summer Program Guide covers programs starting in March and goes through August. The Fall/Winter Program Guide covers programs in the months of September through February.  The season’s Program Guide is available on our website about one week prior to the season’s start. In an effort to go green, our brochure will be online with limited copies available for pick up at our Main Desk. Make sure you check our website regularly for new programs and events coming up!
Patrons can register online (click on link on the homepage), via fax (if paying by credit card with proof with residency), mail, drop box (during building hours) or walk in during office hours.  The Oak Forest Park District accepts cash, checks, Visa or MasterCard.  However, to ensure your spot in a program, walk-in registration is always encouraged! Please see below for Registration Policies.
Residency is based upon your tax bill.  Check your latest tax statement, and if your park district taxes come to the Oak Forest Park District, you are considered a resident and should receive the resident rate.


  • Proof of residency must be provided with registration and will be checked by the Park District. Any questions of boundaries will be decided by the Park District and this decision will be final.
  • Oak Forest residents not within the Oak Forest Park District residency boundaries may register for activities at resident registration but must pay the non-resident fee.
  • All activity registration is on a first come, first-serve basis.
  • To ensure registration of classes with limited space, walk-in registration is encouraged.
  • Incomplete registration forms may delay your registration. Therefore, it is important that you fill in the form correctly and completely. ENTER CORRECT ACTIVITY NUMBERS. WAIVER MUST BE SIGNED.
  • Home phone or cell numbers are required on all registration forms. This is important should we need to contact you in case of an emergency or in the event of a class cancellation or change in time.
  • Fees will not be prorated on late registration.
  • It is your responsibility to record the time and day of the activity for which you register. No notice is sent from the Park District. Enrollment is not guaranteed. You may assume that you are enrolled in the activity you register for, unless you receive a phone call from Park District recreational personnel.
  • The building is open for drop box registration which is available Monday through Thursday from 7:00am– 8:00pm, Friday 7:00am-6:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am– 1:00pm.
  • For mail or drop box registration, complete registration form, attach proof of residency; enclose total fees or charge card number with expiration date and signature (we accept Visa or MasterCard ONLY) and place in “Drop Box” mail slot. Park District is not responsible for cash put into drop box.
  • Fax registration forms to (708) 687-9937, include copy of residency. Pay with credit card only.
  • Phone registration cannot be accepted.
  • If a class is filled, you will be contacted with class options.
  • Payment plans are available for SOME activities. This must be pre-approved by the program’s supervisor. There is an additional administrative charge for this convenience.
  • Payment plans must be paid with credit or with debit cards. Cards will be charged on the date shown on the activity payment plan. Declined payment will incur a $35.00 additional charge.
  • An activity will not be held if registration is insufficient (see Park District Cancellation Policy).
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, activity information is subject to change.
  • All activities have a min/max enrollment. If the minimum enrollment has not been reached, the Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel, postpone or consolidate the activity with another. Only those registered for an activity which has not met the registration requirement will be contacted. If an activity is cancelled, a full refund will be issued without penalty. 


  • A full refund will be issued without penalty for any activity, special event or trip canceled by Oak Forest Park District. If the refund amount is less than $10.00, the amount will be applied as a household credit. No refunds will be issued for special events, one-day activity, trips or a class with a fee of $10.00 or less if the participant chooses to cancel.
  • An $10.00 administrative charge will be assessed to all activities ($200.00 for Fun Time Program)
  • Refunds are issued as follows:
    • 100% before the start of 1st class
    • 75% before the start of 2nd class
    • 50% before the start of 3rd class
    • No refunds after 3 classes attended or unattended. The only exception is a medical reason, requiring a doctor’s note or relocation out of the area.
    • *These refunds may not apply to contractual activities*
  • Contractual activity refunds: Contractual activities are offered by a variety of different companies and refunds vary from contractor to contractor. Please contact the park district recreation supervisor directly regarding refunds for these classes.
  • Activities which include tickets for entertainment/sporting events, adult sports leagues, and trips require that vacancy to be filled by another participant in order for a refund to be given.
  • All refunds must be applied for in person at the Central Park Building, 15601 S. Central Ave.
  • Please allow up to 8 weeks for processing.
  • All refunds are subject to supervisor approval.


  • Refunds turned into the Central Park Building prior to one (1) month of the program start date (see above) will be issued in their entirety and in accordance to the refund policy.
  • Refunds made between one (1) month prior to the official start date and up to seven (7) days after the official start date of the sport will receive a 50% refund on the registration fees. If a uniform fee is paid separately, and the uniform was ordered, you will be given the uniform. If the uniform has NOT been ordered, the full fee for the uniform will be returned.
  • Filling out this form does not guarantee a refund as ALL refunds are subject to Supervisor approval
  • No refunds will be approved when turned in seven (7) days after the official start date of the program (see above dates).
  • If money is paid for a fundraiser, it is non-refundable.
  • The volunteer fee will be refunded at any point.
  • A signed refund request form must be completed, in person, at the Central Park Building before a refund can be considered, except for classes cancelled by the Park District.
  • If there is a balance due on your household at the time the refund is processed, the refund will first be applied to the balance due on the household account. Any remaining credit will then be refunded according to policy.
  • An $8.00 processing fee will be applied to the refund.
  • Refunds with a medical condition must have a doctor’s note turned in with refund request form prior to the end of the program, and refund will be prorated calculated on weeks.
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for a refund check to be processed and sent by mail.