About Us

The Oak Forest Park District is dedicated  to enhancing community morale by
providing a variety of recreational opportunities, programs, special events and trips for each individual to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle while doing so in a friendly and safe atmosphere.  Our goal is to involve and inform individuals in the community of the many beneficial practices our park district has to offer.

We are also devoted to preserving open space as well as establishing and maintaining the most modern equipment for our parks and facilities.

Oak Forest Park District, a municipal governing agency, provides parks, recreational facilities and programs for its residents. The Board of Commissioner is made up of five (5) elected officials, each serving six (6) year terms. Board meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Thursday, of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Central Park Building, 15601 South Central Avenue and open to the public.

Letter to the Residents

To Our Residents,

While I enjoy the festivities that occur in the Fall and Winter and love a good snow storm, I really do look forward to longer days, the warmth of the sun and all the outdoor activities that the weather of Spring and Summer bring.  Life at the Park District keeps everyone here super busy but the reward of those smiling faces, the sound of laughter, seeing playgrounds full, hearing the cheers of parents on sidelines and observing the amount of people that are just out enjoying their time or time with their friends and family – priceless.

Speaking of playgrounds, new playground equipment is targeted to be installed at Jesk Park and Tower Park early this Summer.  The equipment was ordered last July and was due for install this past October; however, we were informed that the estimated time of arrival was pushed to late March/early April of 2023.  Once the new equipment arrives, the old equipment will be removed and installation of new equipment will begin.  The process typically takes around three weeks; provided there are no other delays in materials or transportation of material.  Unfortunately, just as we experience in our own households; the simplest items are sometimes now the hardest to obtain.

We are extremely pleased to see that the new Pickleball Courts have been such a big hit!  Just a reminder the courts at Central Park are equipped with permanent nets and the courts at Jesk Park are lined for pickleball and players need to bring their own portable nets.  Now that the court surface at Jesk is playable we are seeing an increase of tennis play over there, which delays our thought of making the East side permanent pickle ball.  We are though, looking at other areas for pickle ball play.

If you are looking for outdoor space to have a picnic or celebration, keep us in mind.  We have picnic shelters available for rent at Central Park, El Morro Park (2) and Gingerwood Park.  Information can be found on page 4 of this brochure.  We have three indoor rental spaces that can accommodate from 60 to 120 people and one additional space perfect for a meeting.  Information can be found on pages 5, 6 and 7 of this brochure.

All of us here look forward to a great summer filled with all of you and your families out and about in our Parks and Programs, and attending our Events!


Cindy Grannan

Director of Parks & Recreation